The Best Gay Apps

Love them or hate them Gay apps are here to stay. A part of our everyday life whether at home alone on a rainy night or on holiday and in need to find someone or a gay hotel/bar/sauna these apps help us.

Talking of traveling. Make sure wherever you go that you are safe. In some countries a VPN (A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet) maybe a sensible security precaution to protect your privacy. Not only from hackers but security services that are homophobic and are looking out for anyone, gay, bi or straight, who is breaking the law by using certain illegal apps. You may not even know that what you are doing is illegal.

1. Grindr


Premium offers vary on location. At time of writing (End August 2021) $64/54 euros per annum was the offer price in Malta.

Probably the number one Gay app in the world and used in over 200 countries. Unlike most other Gay apps it has actually become a household name in many countries. This has advantages and disadvantages. For those wanting to be discreet having this app on you phone screen is a big giveaway but I’m sure stealthy guys know how to hide it.

Grindr has the reputation of ‘get what you want now’ sex. And that’s why it is so popular.

The free version lets you know the nearest just under 100 people online moving out in order of closest to furthest. You can send taps and direct messages. It also lists the newest onliner’s and their distance.

Drawbacks. The free version only allows you to send three  pics at a time, which, if like me you want to send at least a dozen is annoying 🙂 . Also if you use it heavily the algorithm catches on and limits your ability to send pics. Frustrating you and the person you are chatting with and pushing you to upgrade.

The free version allows for a one minute video chat. Also you can only see the last person who viewed you.

It also has annoying full screen adverts that keep popping up.

The paid version gets rid of all the annoying stuff.

2. Hornet


Premium $9.59/8 euros.

Nowhere near as popular as Grindr, I think probably due to the investment that Grindr had, and very similar in its layout. One feature is does have that is pretty unique is that you can follow people and popular guys have a lot of followers.

Designed to be more discreet than Grindr it’s popular in countries, such as Brazil, Russia and Turkey, where being out and gay is not recommended.

Whereas Grindr is get what you want now. I’ve found Hornet users to be more patient and thoughtful. Wanting to chat and make serious acquaintance before jumping in.

Was more popular than Grindr in Thailand. Not been contacted once in Malta in nearly 2 years.

Again with the free version you can only send one pic at a time. You can however add 3 private pics to your profile. This usually gets you a number of requests.

And the adverts are more annoying than Grindr – just!

Although the premium upgrade is cheap compared to most you don’t actually get much for it. You can post moments and video stories. But you can’t add videos to your profile.

3. Planet Romeo (formerly Gay Romeo


Plus $15/13 euros per annum.

This is my favourite app by far. It has over 3 million users globally and the people are usually much more genuine than on Grindr. It can be used on a Mac/PC easily and the ability to send multiple pics is really great. But you can’t upload videos.

All the usual features are free and in the decade I’ve been using it I’ve never felt the need to upgrade.

It also has a free groups section where you can join any or even create your own.

There is even a rent boy section. Hungz. If you are so inclined to want to treat yourself to a hooker or two.

If you upgrade you can plan your travels and find potential friends/fun in the city of your choice. It also gives you much more access to information and pictures.

This truly is a global app. and they are actively trying to expand.

4. Scruff


Pro $6.50/5.44 euros per annum.

Another global app. This time for alternative body types as well as bears and their followers.

A “woof” feature the same as “tapping” on Grindr allows users to get the message across quickly.

When you fill in your profile this app tries to link you up with the same likes and requirements. Making Scruff a great place to find long term partners with similar tastes.

It also has an ‘I’m interested’ button you can press when you are browsing through profiles and a rather nice ‘not for me’ button to let people down gently.

It looks like the free album upload has gone as now you have to pay to put on extra pics and videos.

5. Jack'd


Pro $29/24 euros per annum.

Straight to the point app. Very easy to use. It concentrates more on quick casual pic ups than LTR’s.

Only one free pic allowed on profile but you can add a private photo album but no videos.

Also has the ‘I’m interested’ button feature so you can press when you are browsing through profiles and a rather nice ‘not for me’ button to let people down gently.

Has a matching feature which is free.

Very international app. Creators do not share users information unlike most of the others.

6. Growlr


Premium $71/60 euros per annum.

A specific international bears app.

A much better viewers screen than most and you can see when and where admirers looked at you and how far away they are.

It does have a great free ‘live’ feature where you can join in to live chat action.

However, you have to upgrade to pro to see nude pics and videos from admirers.

7. Recon


Upgrade membership $93/79 euros per annum.

One of the most famous, as it’s been around for a very long time, fetish apps. Great place to find those who are like minded.

Membership benefits.

  • View unlimited member profiles

  • View over 3.5 million private gallery photos

  • Advanced filter member options

  • Use the Premium Member search

  • Appear in Top 100 lists including Top 100 Cruised

  • Get notified when friends or favourites come online

  • View large member photos in the Newsfeed

  • Ad free on mobile apps



Premium is $60/50 euros per annum.

Bare Back Real Time. Although never officially talked about this app appears to have been created for poz guys to meet and date poz guys. Occasionally you come across someone who is neg and wants safe sex but not often depending on where you are. As most educated people know what undetectable means nowadays this site has become more popular with negative guys wanting unsafe sex with poz guys who are undetectable.

Not available in Apple App store but can be loaded onto mobiles via website but I couldn’t see how to get an icon onto your screen.

Very big in the US. I had great results in Bangkok. It’s even growing in Malta where the poz population is actually quite small.

Been around for over a decade. The way the profile set up works is really great. You can put in so many preferences or leave them out which gives a good indicator of what a person is like before you contact them. The ‘oink’ feature is really cool. As is the emailing message facility.

The free version only allows for small pics. Which you can hide and unlock for people to see who you are interested in.

Free version gives you a lot but you have to pay around $60 for the premium version. This gives you access to the public chat rooms. Instant messaging and an ability to enlarge photos as well as some other stuff.

9. CAM4


Gold $23/19.99 euros/month.

With hundreds of thousands of performers and over 7 billion visits per month (at least 50 from me) I find this to be an amazing site. Again no app for the phone available but you can access via web and add to favourites so you can watch on the go.

Whether gay or straight there is plenty here to watch live full screen 24 hours a day free if you so wish. You can even watch multiple screens at once.

I’ve never needed to upgrade but I can see why people would.

10. Squirt

Free one week trial.

$60/50 euros per annum after.

Some good features. The comments on cruising are pretty much up to date. The live video feature on the free version is limited in size unlike CAM4 where you can go to full screen. But it is free unlike on some apps. You can also upload your own videos which CAN be played full screen. Making connections through messaging is easy enough. Not many people on live chat whenever I entered.

I could not find a version for mobile even though I was informed it was now available.

It feels very much like an updated version of Recon in it’s layout with a lot of members being in the US.

I could find local cruising areas, but then I’m in Malta and the ones available are quite famous anyway.

The free week gives you a lot of access but then you have to pay and the cheapest way is annual at just under $60 with an automatic renewal – something I’ve been wary of for years.

11. Surge


Upgrade $60/50 euros per annum.

Using a swipe through format you can flick through pics of local guys then this is quite a quick way to find them. But as for details and requirements not so good.

Nothing particularly special about Surge but it has been around for a while so must be making money.

Also the app seems to think that 192km is local. Which it is not!

12. Men Nation


Upgrade to Gold $119/100 euros per annum.

The largest gay networks online. With over 100 million members worldwide (so they say).

Free stuff is very limited but it is very busy.

Upgrade gives full access to all profiles, photos and videos.