About me - Richard Emery

Having known from a very early age that I preferred my own sex (my action men were sleeping together when I was 8 and my mother was knitting them outfits) I have spent many decades enjoying the ‘Gay Scene’ (the term used when talking about the Gay community, such as it is) both as a frequent visiter and as a worker.

I first started working in the Champion in Nottinghill Gate (sadly no longer a gay bar) in the early 80’s, when London only had about 6 Gay Bars. This was followed by 18 months at one of Londons and the world’s most famous Leather Bars, The Colherne, in Earls Court. Later, in the 80’s, upon returning to London after a stint in the West Country, I returned to the Colhern for a 3rd time before working at The Market Tavern, in Nine Elms, for 8 years until 1998. ‘The Market’ was considered one of the best clubs in London for many years.

A couple of years later I opened Krystals, in Stoke Newington. It was a Cabaret Bar and I was lucky enough to have most to UK’s, and some of Americas, top Cabaret artists perform there. Indeed the 80’s and 90’s were probably the best time for live cabaret acts in London.

Mainly a local’s bar Krystals did draw in customers from all over London and further with the free cabaret on offer. We also hosted almost monthly parties and charity benefits for HIV/AIDS.

Me dressed as a Roman for one of Krystals costume parties.

As well as living in London for nearly 30 years I have also lived in Thailand for 9 years before moving to Malta at the end of 2019.

The Western obsession with age is not something that I care for and this website is aimed for Gay (and Bi) men of any age and colour to enjoy and participate. The mission of KindGay is to give you useful information to help you live a fuller and better life.